Frutes El Bany was created in 1939 and over three generations has become specialised in marketing garlic.

Our interest is in offering clients the best and for that reason we have acquired the most up-to-date technologies in storage, so we can deliver garlic in prime condition.
Our company philosophy consists of providing our clients with a service based on trust and quality, with prices that reflect this philosophy.

We supply to supermarkets, major retail outlets and major wholesalers (such as the Spanish wholesale markets Mercavalencia, Mercacastellón and Mercovasa), meaning that we are committed to providing a quality guarantee as clients expect and deserve.

In order to be able to supply our clients with the finest garlic, we not only offer domestic products, but also import from China, currently the world’s main supplier and exporter of garlic, as well as other major garlic-producing countries such as Argentina and Chile.
In view of markets and supermarkets using such a wide variety of different packaging displays for their customers, we can customise orders to specific needs. We therefore leave the decision of both the variety and calibre of garlic and the packaging of our products to our clients.